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Departing from Twitter

Posted by Syrolander - 2 weeks ago


im proud

This was a pretty insane thing to read through at the middle of the night, around 3 AM to be exact.

This is probably one of the more insane scenarios of a butterfly effect, from what happened to you in the /exeg/ saga having its influence to this day. The hate that has rubbed off on you since then has really taken its toll, judging from what was written. You got too caught up in the hate, which has only lead you to create a bad reputation for yourself and has lead to tainted relations with some of the people involved in these issues. It all sounds like something that would originate out of fiction, but the entire journey you've been through proves that things like this doesn't just happen out of a movie.

Despite all of what has happened to you in the span of a year, I'm glad that you have decided to take action on trying to change for the better, which is something that most people fail to do. There are many tales of people leaving Twitter and finding a happier life without it, and despite the many memes that come associated with this, there is some truth to the sentiment as far as what I've seen. Twitter has always been proven to be an awful site, and it is getting worse and worse from both a user standpoint, and a financial standpoint. It's why I'm happy for the people that get off it in some way or another, it is a dying site that is beyond saving that only causes pain to people, and with less people using it, there will be less pain inflicted. I'm glad you're giving up Twitter, and even if there is a chance you might return to it one day, I can appreciate you giving it up for at least a certain amount of time. If you still want to use it despite everything, then it is not up to us to stop you, enjoy your life however as you please.

If there is one take away I have gotten from this, it is that you were genuine and honest about everything written. Despite all of the hate you've gotten, you are leaving yourself open to talk to anyone you've accidentally wronged during your misdeeds. That is how we combat toxicity in the world, not with more hate, but with understanding and willingness to admit the things we have done. I know you will do better to try and become a better person, it might not be easy, but as long as you are as honest as you were in the writing, everything should be fine. Good luck with your personal projects and whatever else you may do with your life, I believe you can redeem yourself and succeed in life, no matter how long it will take to get there.